This is just a fraction of the humbling highlights…I love making music and the absurdity of it all.


I have played music…


  •   On stages where drunk people laid at my feet and sang over me
  •   At a grand opening gala where I was performed between roller skating cows and stilt walkers
  •   At an ice skating rink bar during hockey practice
  •   At a sports bar in Phoenix in front of 3 jumbo screens where the owner refused to turn the volume down so I had to compete with screaming sports fans
  •   In NYC Subway tunnels
  •   At a folk festival which was held in the organizer's backyard, who, at the end of the night, asked all of us musicians to donate money to his daughter’s school fundraiser in lieu of him paying us.
  •   At an outdoor coffee house where stray cats stormed the stage and meowed so loud I had to stop
  •   At a packed hipster party in Brooklyn, where during our band’s break, we asked the host when we should start back up, and he said, “let me get a read from the room”. After taking a poll right in front of us, he said, “they could go either way…you could keep playing, or not…it’s your call."
  • At a fundraising gala where I had to pass out hors d'oeuvres between songs
  •   At a shopping mall in front of a Cinnabon store, where a teenager waiting for his food order, knocked over my speaker and grabbed my mic to shout “You suck!” in the middle of my set and ran off with my microphone.
  •   At an event at the NC governor’s mansion where I had to sing through a bass amp because that was all the amplification they had, so my voice resembled that of a slightly sick frog.
  •   On the streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras where all my tips ($5 total) were stolen in front of me
  •   In a coffee shop for a total of 2 people (one was my husband who drove me).
  •   In a bar for a total of 2 people where there were more of us in the band on stage.
  •   At a coffee shop in Los Angeles where the owner told me, as I was packing up my gear after my set on stage, that he could teach me all about songwriting and how to hold a microphone correctly
  •   In the doorway of an LA music club (the owner overbooked and stuck us in the doorway), where I had to stop every couple of phrases to direct people to the bathrooms.